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Apr 282011

Beau Hodson From www.Integrious.com

A topic that I feel deserves some attention is that of integrity as it applies to the “education seeker.” So here I want to share some thoughts on what my view of “an integrious student” would be.

My educational background includes a bachelor’s degree, and a passion for self administered education that is constantly on-going. However, when I look back at my time in high school and college, I remember myself as a student that for the most part showed up, and got decent grades because that’s what was required of me. I know I was only going through the motions, because all I cared about was basketball, even though I wasn’t all that great. And although I did play small college basketball, I should have valued my education more. It is also no coincidence that at the time and age, I had no idea what integrity meant, both in regards to my values and how I live my life. If I were to enroll in any educational program again I would approach it very differently and as such I believe I would both learn a great deal and enjoy it more.

So here is what I would do if I could go back, or a code of values and principles if you will, and I think some of this can apply to every student:

1. I would value it more, and I would take an ownership and consider it “my education” as opposed to a general education that I was getting, just the same as anyone else.
2. I would be more open minded in certain subjects, especially the ones where I thought I knew something.
3. In the other subjects of which I knew nothing about, I would think for myself a lot more, I would ask more questions. I sat there and simply took much of the information in at face value, just assuming it was true and right. Not everything you hear from a teacher and read in a text book is true and some of it is very subjective, so it may not apply to you or your situation perfectly.
4. I would pursue more opportunities outside the classroom: new sports, clubs, organizations, community service, and certainly tutoring for the areas that I needed help or wanted to excel in.
5. I would participate more in class and group settings. I was always very shy and as such I wasn’t engaged and mentally present at all times, meaning I spent too much time day dreaming.

6. I would spend some time trying to get to know the teachers. This can serve many purposes, but two primarily. First, if I had some sort of rapport with the teacher I would more likely pay more attention to them. Secondly, I would be able to better ascertain their view point, and subjectivity if I knew a little about their background and personality type. Any teacher will inherently put their perspective and personality into the education and it is important to know where they are coming from.

So listen up kids, I know most of these ideas might not appeal to you yet, but trust me these principles will serve you very well. I run a website, called the Integrious Project, that works to empower people to live integriously, or live with integrity. One of our main objectives is to build a community and engage people to share their perspective as it relates to integrity. I invite you to join us at www.integrious.com!

  2 Responses to “Integrity in Your Education by Beau Hodson”

  1. Thank you for posting my article Zeb! There are quite a few grammatical errors, so feel free to make any edits you deem necessary. You know that isn’t a strength of mine, I need to find an integrious project editor to join the team here in Chicago!


    • Don’t worry about the typos Beau. We are really happy to be supporters of The Integrious Project and love how you’re trying to make the world a better place. Keep up the good work in Chicago. Please let us know if we can ever do anything for you.

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