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The Orange County Marathon

 Posted by at 5:33 am
Apr 302011

I haven’t posted many personal posts on my website, but I am really excited about participating in The Orange County Marathon this Sunday, May 1.  This will be my first marathon and I have been training (hard?) in order to run the necessary 26.2 miles.  I have hit several road bumps along the way, but the biggest by far is a piercing pain that occurs in my knee when running long distance, so I halted my training about a week ago, hoping that my knee could repair itself.

The marathon starts bright and early at 6 AM and my goal is to make it under 4 hours.  Several months ago I participated in my first half marathon and did it in a little over 2 hours, but again, it was my knee that slowed me down.  I bought new shoes that are supposed to help and a personal friend of mine is an athletic trainer who is offering to stretch me and tape me before the big race.  I’m a little nervous and a little excited.

I hope you don’t mind me sharing a little bit about myself to you, but I’m just so gosh darn excited.  Wish me luck.

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