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May 012011
  1. http://thecatutoringsolution.com/945/paired-writing-model-2/ – Focuses on developing writing skills in a one to one setting with a student and a tutor.  If you are interested in improving your child’s writing, our tutors can utilize this effective tutoring system to improve your child’s writing ability.
  2. http://thecatutoringsolution.com/851/use-your-lunch-period-to-increase-achievement/ – A tip for teachers that encourages them to use lunch time once a week to talk to struggling students.  It not only helps students, but benefits teachers by lowering discipline problems and makes teaching more rewarding.
  3. http://thecatutoringsolution.com/917/small-acts-of-differentiation-illustrating-the-margins/ – Greg McGough wrote this guest post demonstrating the importance of varying instruction to suit the needs of the student.
  4. http://thecatutoringsolution.com/882/grades-hinder-achievement-part-1/ – Questions the necessity of having grades be the determining factor in student success.  Do we really need grades?  Your comments are welcome.
  5. http://thecatutoringsolution.com/1012/innovative-educator-maurice-myers/ – I had the pleasure of working alongside Maurice Myers for 3 years.  He’s an outstanding educator and is now highlighted as one of our Innovative Educators.
  6. http://thecatutoringsolution.com/category/edchat/ – I participate in a Twitter Chat that takes place every Tuesday at 4 PM PST called #edchat.  Each week, members of this chat discuss topics associated with education.  Prior to the chat, members vote on the topic to be discussed for that day.  Prior to two of these chats, I was so excited about the topics that I wrote blog posts in preparation for these chats.  The first, A Community of Collaboration, focuses on the need for increased collaboration between schools and the community from both sides of the isle.  The second, How I Would Rebuild Schools, highlights my ideas for developing a 21st century school.
  7. http://thecatutoringsolution.com/category/students/sat-test-prep/ – We recently designed three SAT Test Prep programs designed to increase student performance on the SAT’s.  These programs are designed to suit the needs of our students.
  8. http://thecatutoringsolution.com/category/parents/motivation/ – A series of articles focused on increasing motivation in struggling students.
  9. http://thecatutoringsolution.com/1021/integrity-in-your-education-by-beau-hodson/– Beau Hodson from www.integrious.com wrote this article focusing on how he would have done better in school had he had the opportunity to go back.

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