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Intro to Blogging

 Posted by at 10:11 pm
May 072011


Recently, I have been asked to run a workshop for 4th through 6th graders that are involved in the local GATE program.  The topic of the presentation is teaching these children how to set up and begin writing their own blogs.  The class will only be one hour long, and students will not be allowed to get online or use a computer during my presentation.  I will have access to a projector and some other materials.

I would like to request your help.  What would you do if you were planning on teaching 4th through 6th graders how to blog?  Do you have any tips or recommendations that would make this recommendation go extremely well?

Comment with suggestions for this one-hour workshop, the better I can make it, the better off these children will be.  Thank you.

  2 Responses to “Intro to Blogging”

  1. Hi there! Wow! While I applaud the idea that the GATE students should learn how to blog, I think it is going to be quite difficult to overcome the non-technology aspect of the presentation! However, I think I have a suggestion that will be useful and fun for the students to get an idea of how a blog works while still utilizing non-tech tools. Check out @thecleversheep ‘s post from a little while ago (http://thecleversheep.blogspot.com/2011/03/paper-blogging.html). I saw this an immediately knew I needed to file it away for a day when I would be able to use it. While I’m waiting, maybe you can use it too!?
    Hope it helps!

    • Jessica,

      Thanks for the comment. And you were write about the link you posted in your comment. I am definitely going to steal that idea to use in my presentation. The snowballing activity would be great for Elementary school students and I am sure that they will love it. That way I can discuss the importance of contributing to other people’s ideas in order to enhance their own understanding of a topic. And be sure to let @cleversheep know that I am stealing his stuff. Great idea!

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