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Jan 112011

“Because I said so.”  Have you ever felt compelled to jump to action when someone uses “because I said so” as a reason.  “Because I said so,” can be damaging not only to a students motivation, but also to your relationship with them. 

Always give your child a reason for doing something, whatever that reason may be.  If you say, “Because I said so,” perhaps you may get your child to give in and assist you in an activity.  But those results will always be in the short term.  Be sure to give your children reasons for doing activities, regardless of whether those reasons make sense to your children at the time.  Your children will appreciate your candor and in the long run will be more motivated to pursue activities that you find productive. 

<UPDATE>  After posting this article, my father read it and said that I was making him look bad.  Just so you all know, I can not remember a time when either my father, or mother said . . . “Because I Said So.”  When I asked him why he wanted me to make sure that my readers knew that he never said that . . . his response . . . “Because I Said So.”  My Dad’s great!

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