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May 102011

In school and in life, one of the most important rules that we can abide by is following directions.  The ability to follow directions and to follow them well is the most important attribute for success in school.  Teachers give instructions and tasks and then it is up to the student to perform these tasks up to the specifications of the teacher.  In life, people are hired and fired based off of how well they are able to follow directions.  If you run your own business it is important to follow the guidelines and protocol that potential clients expect from you in order to stay in business.

In writing, the rules are no different.  If a teacher gives an essay prompt or other assignment, the most important thing that the student can do to achieve success is follow the directions.  The Tutoring Solution’s Summer Creative Online Essay Writing Program provides essays that are structured, meaning they are very specific.  The purpose of this structure is to provide a framework for organization that allows the student to write creatively, while at the same time organizing their ideas in a clear coherent manner.  The most important thing a student can do to improve his or her writing through The Tutoring Solution’s Creative Online Essay Writing Program is to follow directions.

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