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May 122011

One of the most important tools that writers can use is the ability to read assignments aloud.  Reading assignments aloud helps to catch grammatical errors, run-on and incomplete sentences.  Reading aloud helps writers find portions of their writing that need improvement.

When you finish a writing sample, take a break and step away from it.  Come back several minutes later and read it out loud to yourself, incorporating the appropriate pauses for punctuation:  short breaks for commas and longer ones for periods.  If you struggle through reading a particular sentence or phrase aloud then that is a good indicator that your writing could be made better.

I can not tell you how many times I have had a student read their assignment out loud to me and watch as they begin to self-correct problems in their writing.  Hearing yourself read your own work can substantially decrease the number of errors in your writing and help to improve your writing ability.

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