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May 152011

Many teachers don’t spend a lot of time focusing on the elements of a successful conclusion.  When I was in school, I was only told that the conclusion should “wrap up” what the essay was about.  A strong conclusion can extremely enhance a writing sample, which is why I advocate the following three elements to improve a conclusion.

  1. The Link – The first sentence of your conclusion should link back to the first sentence, or the hook of your essay.  The “hook,” typically the first sentence to an essay, is designed to grab the reader’s attention and introduce them to the topic of your essay.  The “link” in your conclusion refers them to the hook and provides a reminder of the reason why they began reading this essay in the first place.  By including the “link” you provide a completeness to an essay, bringing the essay “full-circle.”  Where your essay begins is also where your essay ends.
  2. The Re-Statement of the Thesis – The re-statement of the thesis should go somewhere in the middle of your conclusion.  By re-stating the thesis, it reminds the reader what the essay was about.  Do not re-state your thesis using the exact words you used in the introductory paragraph. Re-state your thesis using different words to provide a stronger foundation for your essay writing.
  3. Clever Ending –  Developing a clever ending can leave a lasting impression on your reader. Your audience likes to know that they were taken into consideration when you were writing your essay. The clever ending is a great way to do that.  It can be used to sum up your essay or to reference something in the essay, but most importantly a clever-ending attempts to generate a reaction from the reader.  When the reader feels some kind of emotion in your writing they are more likely to feel a connection to the writing, and a connection to you.

Follow these three elements of writing and watch as your conclusions improve and leave your reader wanting more.

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  1. All v.good points sir, thanks for post.

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