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Apr 062011

One thing that I have found with many struggling students is that they just need some support.  Many parents are so busy with their own obligations to work and other family members, that they find it difficult to devote any extra time to their child’s education.  But, I have found that one of the most effective ways to increase motivation in a child is to give them something valuable.

When I say give your child something valuable, I am not talking about an iPad, a smart phone, or an XBox. I’m talking about your time.  By devoting small amounts of time to your child’s education you will receive so much more in terms of motivation from your child.  The time and effort that you put into showing, with your actions, that school is important will be reflected by your child’s efforts.

Your actions will demonstrate the importance of education to your child, much more than your words.  Ask your child if there are ways that you can help them do better in school.  When they come to you for help, do your best to both help and motivate them.  I am not suggesting that you do their work for them, but when you demonstrate that you are interested in what they are learning  then your children will become interested too.

If you give a little, you will get much, much more in return.

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