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May 172011

On May 21, The Tutoring Solution has been asked to run a workshop for The Chino Valley GATE-Together. After thinking for quite some time I finally decided on the topic for the presentation – How to Write a Blog.

Thanks to the online community that I have surrounded myself in via Twitter and also massive amount of daily content that I am creating for my blog, I understand the value of blog writing and the impact that it could have on the next generation. I believe that I will be teaching three different classes on blog writing, each of which will be an hour long. The only downside to the presentations is that computers will not be present so, I will have to teach them how to write and set up a blog without using computers. This may seem like a daunting task, but I have a few ideas that will make for an interesting and engaging presentation.

I am really looking forward to presenting at The GATE-Together. I love helping students and I love giving them opportunities to explore their creative sides.

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