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May 202011

Why should student’s blog?  Tomorrow, I will be giving a presentation to 4th through 6th graders at The 22nd Annual Chino Valley GATE Together.  The presentation will be on “How to Write a Blog.”  Blogging can enhance the educational experience of any student, can improve their critical thinking and writing abilities and prepare them for the world outside of the classroom.

The most important thing that blogging can bring to students is to keep a track record of their performance.  A blog is a perfect way to catalog the progress that a student has made over his or her educational career.  Any assignment can be scanned and uploaded to a blog; therefore, making it an easy and effective way to access old assignments and projects to compare them with new and upcoming assignments and projects.  A blog can be viewed as an online portfolio of a student’s achievements.  Students can categorize their work and develop a sense of accomplishment, a sense of understanding what they are good at and ideas for improvement and progress in the future.

The ability to categorize information and reflect on their work are just two ways that blogging increases a student’s critical thinking abilities.  Students can choose to categorize the information on their blogs in any way they deem necessary.  When posting assignments, students are called to reflect on their achievements, or lack there of and seek improvement.  Writing abilities are improved simply through the writing process.  Many writers will tell you that the key to good writing is, “practice, practice, practice.”  But, blogging also gives students a voice and a better understanding of what they want out of life.

We live in an information age.  For a student to become successful, it is critical that they can adjust with the times and to continually educate themselves.  Blogging is a great way to stay on the pulse of what is going on in the world around them.  Throughout the time I have spent writing my blog, I have encountered dozens of passionate educators, who have demonstrated new techniques and strategies in my profession.  As a result, I have been more successful and would not be where I am today had it not been for my decision to begin blog writing.  Writing online has opened doors for me that I had never thought possible and the more I write, the more doors are opening themselves to me.  Blogging is a way to develop skills to become a life-long learner.  Today, it is more important then ever to be able to adapt to the rapid changes that are coming our way.

All students can benefit from blogging.  From my own personal experience it has helped to solidify my goals, values and beliefs.  Blogging has also helped me to become more successful in my career and meet new, interesting people that share common goals with myself.  One element that I feel is missing in the classroom is passion.  Currently, teachers are forced to cover material that is geared for a test.  Inherently, this helps to dissolve passion and creativity in the teacher, and transferring that lack of passion to the student.  Blogging is a great way to encourage a student to develop their own goals and passions and develop their learning processes to achieve those goals.

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