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May 272011

I woke up yesterday to a text message, “Sorry to wake you, but this is good news. Racheal got a “C” on her Geometry packet and is very happy!  Yea!  First “C” of the YEAR!!!”

Throughout my time as the owner of The Tutoring Solution, I have received many similar text messages from happy parents.  I asked Racheal if she was interested in becoming this month’s Student of the Month and she agreed.

Racheal is an exceptional athlete.  As a sophomore, she is on the varsity basketball, volleyball and track teams at Pasadena High School.  She decided to get tutoring help because she was struggling understanding the concepts in her Geometry class.

Racheal's Improving in Math

Since receiving tutoring from The Tutoring Solution, Racheal says she has “started turning in her work and getting more confident.”

“I feel like (The Tutoring Solution) is really helping me and I’m doing much better in math and school.  I enjoy tutoring with (The Tutoring Solution),” Racheal says.

We are happy that Racheal has received her best grade ever for her math class and are confident that with more tutoring her performance in school will improve dramatically.  Racheal has become more confident in school and math and is looking forward to her junior year.

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