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May 252011
This past weekend I gave a presentation titled, “Be a Blogger” to 4th through 6th graders at The 22nd Annual Chino Valley GATE Together.  For the most part, the students were extremely enthusiastic and excited to learn about blogging.  One such student really didn’t need much instruction on how to write a blog because he has already started writing his own, which has quite a few followers.
Asad, the founder of Nerd Story, posts daily to his blog and updates his readers about a true American Nerd and his story.  It was truly a pleasure to meet Asad at the 22nd Annual GATE Together and this Nerd has some great ideas and a great future ahead of him.
For those of you interested in finding out about Asad and following his Nerd Story blog, and be sure to tell him what you think.
Asad has taken down his Nerd Story blog and opted to put up a new blog titled Campus Insider where he discusses the events that occur in and around his campus.  Check out his blog here, http://www.campusinsider.co.nr/

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