The Tutoring Solution’s Top 9 Posts of the Month

  1. – A video interview conducted with Zeb Welborn where he discusses The Tutoring Solution’s Creative Online Essay Writing Program.
  2. – An article discussing the importance of blogging for students.
  3. – A guest post by Nikki Robertson, Only the Educated are Free, discussing the value of Twitter in developing a Personal Learning Network.
  4. – A guest post by Jessica V. Allen, A Parents Passion for Learning, about trying to get parent’s involved in the learning process.
  5. – Racheal Richardson became one of our student’s of the month.  Racheal has improved her grade immensely in her Geometry class at Pasadena High School.
  6. – A large list of essay writing tips that should help any student write better essays.  Our Summer Creative Online Essay Writing Program is designed to improve a student’s writing ability.
  7. – Earlier this month, I presented at The 22nd Annual Chino Valley GATE Together where I taught gifted elementary school students how to blog.
  8. – See some examples of what the feedback looks like for our Summer Creative Online Essay Writing Program.
  9. – Take a look at our tutors and choose a tutor that you think would work best with your child.

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