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Jun 072011

What do “fun, good, bad, fine and boring” all have in common?  They all take away from the meaning of a sentence; they are all weak adjectives.

“Our vacation was a lot of fun.”  Think about that sentence, do you know what the person is trying to say?  From this sentence, I can understand that the author had a good time at the beach.  But what I don’t know is how or why.  As a reader, I am not interested that the author thought that their vacation was fun, but what I am interested in is why they thought it was fun.

“On our vacation we played on the beach, made sand castles and had a bonfire where we laughed and told jokes all night long.”  This sentence is much more descriptive.  The reader gets a sense that your vacation was fun and it is much more interesting.

In order to get readers more interested in your writing avoid using weak vocabulary like “good, bad, fun, fine and boring.”  Explain why things were “good, bad, fun, fine and boring,” instead of telling us they were.

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