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Jun 142011

For some reason many students are afraid to write on their test booklet.  Perhaps it’s because we have been taught not to write on test booklets or textbooks all through our time of learning.  We have been trained through school to be respectful of the schools property and are continually asked to write our answers on separate sheets of paper.  The SAT’s are not the test you want to keep these social rules in mind.

You are allowed to write in your test booklet and the most successful test takers make use of that feature.  Writing in your test booklet allows you to highlight important passages, eliminate poor choices and take notes to develop your understanding of the material.

If you want to be successful during the SAT’s, write all over your test booklet.  While I’m not advocating that you make a mess of the test booklet, I am saying that writing things down helps solidify the reasoning in your mind.  If anything, be sure to cross out choices that you know are not correct in the multiple choice section.

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