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Jun 232011

Many student’s who are beginning to learn to write essay like to use the personal pronouns, “I, we, you.”  In the case of I or we, writing it is typically redundant.  Many students feel the need to write I believe or I think, but this is not necessary to state as it is obvious to the reader that the author of that particular piece is the one who is stating his or her thoughts and beliefs.

You is not good to use because every time you say, “you.” You are speaking directly to the reader.  How do you know what the reader is thinking or what the reader knows . . . the fact is you don’t.  So, you better not use “you” when you are writing serious essays for school.

There are always exceptions to these rules, but generally speaking, when talking writing about topics that are other than yourself or a group of people you are involved with, do not use, “I, we, or you.”

  One Response to “The Tutoring Solution’s Summer Creative Online Essay Writing Program Tip #13: Try Not to Use “I, We, You”…Especially You”

  1. This is a very important lesson for writers. Using I, we, and you makes everything unprofessional sounding.

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