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Jun 202011

When writing your essays you need to be very clear what each paragraph is about.  A big problem that students make is that they are unclear about the point they are trying to make when writing an essay.  Before you write an essay you should develop a clear understanding of what you want the essay to be about and what each paragraph is about.  Your opinions should be very strong and highly developed.

While your opinions need to be strong that does not mean that you can’t argue both sides of an issue when writing an essay.  I can remember when I was younger and my teacher’s always told me that I needed to develop an opinion one way or the other and I found that very difficult because I could always see both sides of the issue.  What I failed to realize and what my teachers failed to explain was that it wasn’t poor essay writing because I argued on both sides of an issue, it was poor because I blended both sides of the issue into the same paragraphs, thus mixing my message.

Each paragraph needs to argue a point in your essay.  If you can develop a strong opinion about why you think the way you do then your essay writing will surely improve as you will have a clearly defined idea of what your essay is about.  Your reader will then have a better understanding of the points you are trying to make and your essay writing will be better.

When writing an essay be sure to have conviction and develop strong opinions.

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