The Tutoring Solution’s Summer Creative Online Essay Writing Program Tip #15 – Body Paragraphs Must Have Different Topics

This goes along with our Summer Creative Online Essay Writing Tip #14.  The paragraph’s in any essay must have clearly defined ideas.  Each paragraph needs to focus on a different idea.  If you jumble up ideas in your body paragraphs, the meaning of your essay and your paragraphs are lost.

Typically, the reason why many students fail at writing clear paragraphs is a result of having a poor thesis. If you can focus on a great thesis then it will be much easier to write the body paragraphs for an essay. The thesis is a guide and the body paragraphs are used to support that guide.  If each paragraph contributes to supporting your thesis and each paragraph covers a different idea then your essay will be much better for it.

When writing an essay, be sure to make sure that your body paragraphs cover different topics that address your thesis.

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