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Jun 302011

I’m glad to hear you might be interested in facilitating a workshop!  The main focus of our program is helping homeless students by setting them up with a one-on-one volunteer tutor.  We currently have over 650 active tutors in Southern California, from Ventura to Long Beach.  The tutors go out to the shelters and meet with their students for an hour a week.  They work on homework, but also address the academic gaps that these students face due to constant moves and subsequent absences in school.

The tutors come from all backgrounds – business professionals, students, retired or current teachers, etc.  Since many of them have little previous experience in teaching, we are providing more workshops to help our tutors be more effective in their role.  Most of them can get the hang of addressing the academic problems, but motivation is often the biggest obstacle and tutors don’t know how to deal with this.  It is especially hard since tutors don’t always know how long they will be with a student.  It could be a month or two if the student is in an emergency shelter, or a few years if they are in a more organized shelter program.

Ideally, I would like to address strategies they can use to motivate these students to do better . . . We can also take advantage of the resources that would come out of the workshop and share these with all our tutors.


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