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Norco Tutoring

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Apr 122014
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Norco Public Library

Norco Public Library

The first student we ever began tutoring, at the Tutoring Solution, was a student that attended Norco High School.  It has been a long time since that first tutoring session. The Tutoring Solution has come a long way.  Since then, we have been able to develop a strong relationship with the residents of Norco and the surrounding areas.  We are always looking for ways to contribute to our community. We believe that the best contribution we can make is by making the students in our community feel confident about their own abilities and eventual become successful at doing what they love.

Highland, Norco, George Washington, Riverview, and Sierra Vista are the main Elementary Schools in the area.  Norco Intermediate School is the main Junior High School. John F. Kennedy and Norco are the local High Schools.

While tutoring in Norco, we have worked with students of all ages and in all backgrounds. We have helped students from Geometry, to Literature, Calculus, Chemistry, English, Spanish, and much more. We have had the pleasure of seeing many of them improve greatly. These students have shown us how intelligent and motivated they are and they have been a pleasure to work with.

Every month we also select a Student of the Month; we select a student that has been working hard to improve academically and who continues to show a desire to learn. Since we have so many wonderful students to pick from, we have decided to create a Student of the Year Scholarship Award.

The Tutoring Solution's Norco Student's of the Month: Adam Armendariz (Aug. 2013) and Theresa Valdez (Sept. 2013)

The Tutoring Solution’s Norco Student’s of the Month: Adam Armendariz (Aug. 2013) and Theresa Valdez (Sept. 2013)

Our mission is to provide tutoring that suits your needs. We have experienced tutors, some of which reside in the Norco area, who work with students of all abilities and age groups. We have the flexibility to come to your home, meet at a public place or perform online tutoring.  To learn more about our highly qualified tutors, click on the link.

Some of The Tutoring Solution's Current Tutors

Some of The Tutoring Solution’s Current Tutors

If you are interested in receiving tutoring from The Tutoring Solution, please contact our Director, Cynthia De La Torre via phone at (909) 238 – 8233 or via email at Cynthia@TheCaTutoringSolution.com or thetutoringsolution@gmail.com to set up your first appointment.

To learn more about us and read some Recommendations, click on the link.

TRY US OUT FOR FREE. If after the first hour of tutoring you are not satisfied with the session, you will not be charged for that first hour of tutoring.

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