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Jan 102011

ClassroomTalk.com focuses on enhancing and encouraging communication between teachers and and parents. The founder of ClassroomTalk.com, Maggie Cary is passionate about influencing and contributing to the educational growth of a person and feels very fortunate to be a part of so many young lives.

Maggie has been teaching for over 20 years and has taught from elementary up to the High School level. She received a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education and through her blog is hoping to promote more communication between teachers and parents.

She started her career teaching High School English and Drama, but her favorite subject is 1st grade reading and writing. She finds it very rewarding to turn a non-reader into a reader in the course of a year. One interesting thing that Maggie does with her class each year is that she uses a self-publishing company to publish a class book that her students write each year.

In her blog, Maggie discusses a variety of topics included in these categories: College Prep, Gifted Students, Infants and Toddlers, Math, Middle School Issues, Organizational Tips, Reading Instruction, SAT Prep, School’s Out, Sight words vs. Phonics, Teachers Trouble, Writing, Editorials, Classroom Talk and Guest Posts.

One of my favorite posts from Maggie was 10 Tips for a Successful Parent/Teacher Conference,  http://classroomtalk.com/?p=379.  In this post, Maggie gives recommendations for parents who will be going to a parent/teacher conference. These are important meetings between teachers and parents and a lot can be gained from these meeting when both teacher and parent come prepared to discuss the progress of a student.

As an educator, it is critical to keep up to date on current issues and trends in education, as well as develop a good relationship with fellow educators to improve the lives of the students we serve. Through her blog and emails, it is apparent that Maggie Cary is someone who cares about the future of the students she serves and has dedicated massive amounts of time and effort in that endeavor.

If you enjoyed this article and would like to learn more about Maggie Cary or the educational tips that she provides you can find her at any of these locations:

Website:  http://classroomtalk.com/

Twitter:  http://twitter.com/maggiecary

Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/pages/Maggie-Cary-at-Classroom-Talk/111217602241273

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