Summer Creative Online Essay Writing Program Tip #22 – Have a Friend Read Your Work

As I mentioned in a previous tip, a great way to improve your essay writing is to read your assignment aloud to yourself.  To go a step further, another great idea would be to have a friend or a parent read your assignment aloud.  Sometimes, when you’re reading your assignment out loud some errors may not stand out to you because you are the one who wrote the assignment and therefore tend to skim over grammatical errors because you know what you were trying to say.

By having a friend read the assignment out loud, they will not know your intentions beforehand and will read your essay as is.  If you listen intently, you will be able to pick up on mistakes and can make changes to your writing before you submit an assignment.

To improve your writing, have a friend or parent read your assignment out loud so that you can catch errors and revise your essay.

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