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Jul 102011

Thanks to my connections with fellow educators through #edchat on Twitter and my interviews with Innovative Educators on my website providing educational tips to parents, teachers, students and tutors I have been invited to begin using Google+ and Google Circles which is on an invite only basis.

As soon as I got the invite, I was on the computer for hours into the wee hours of the morning, experimenting and setting up my contacts.  So far, I have been extremely impressed.  I love the way that Google Circles allows you to organize your contacts in a variety of ways.  It incorporates the features of Facebook and Twitter and allows you to contact only the groups with which you wish to contact.  For me, this in and of itself will be invaluable.

I am an extremely active person and associate with my contacts in a variety of different ways.  Google Circles allows me to focus my message to a particular group of contacts or to my contacts as a whole.

Another feature which I think will be highly valuable in the future is to +1 a website.  When you are connected to a contact and they like a website they can +1 it.  When you use Google to run searches you can find out which of your friends liked a particular website.  This will help to give each individual an idea of what their friends consider valuable.

You can also start a Hangout which is a webchat with your contacts.  I have yet to use the feature, but it does sound interesting.  This is ideal for me as I am an educator and frequently converse with students through Skype and give presentations promoting education for a variety of different causes.  If for some reason I can not attend an event personally, this could be an amazing tool to deliver information to those who are connected with me.

I am excited to see how Google+ and Google Circles fits into the Social Media landscape.  Google+ and Google Circles has an enormous amount of potential and when the testing phase is over, be sure to add me as a contact!  The possibilities are endless.

Thank you Erin Klein from www.Kleinspiration.com for getting me involved in the beginning phase of Google+ and Google Circles.  Follow her on Twitter – @mimadisonklein

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