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January Meeting

 Posted by at 9:16 pm
Jan 092011

Each month, The Tutoring Solution has a meeting to improve our business.  The January meeting was conducted this past Wednesday in Chino Hills and was extremely productive. 

Here are some goals we established for the upcoming month. 

  • Website Design – Our website has received a lot of praise from those who have taken the time to visit it, but Lacey Welborn, our Web Designer, is planning on overhauling the entire website to make it easier to navigate and include more features.  I have seen some of the designs for the new website and it looks amazing.  I can’t wait to see what the final outcome will be.
  • Blog – I have been working feverishly on this blog because I am passionate about education and improving it.  I can’t think of a better way to devote my time, energy and resources than improving the lives of students.  One thing that was discussed in the meeting was trying to acquire Guest Bloggers to contribute to the blog.  Through the network of fellow educators that I have established in my years as a teacher, and now, The Tutoring Solution’s Owner, I look forward to posting tips from colleagues and friends devoted to improving education.
  • Student of the Month – Each month we will profile one of our students.  The award for Student of the Month will go out to those who have shown improvement thanks to The Tutoring Solution and its staff of excellent tutors.
  • Outreach – We want to be involved in the development of our community.  Therefore, one of our largest goals is to get our company name and reputation out to students that we can help.  If you come across this post and know someone who could benefit from tutoring, please inform them about us.  We send out a monthly newsletter to friends of The Tutoring Solution, if you are interested in receiving it, email us requesting that we add you to our contact list.

The Tutoring Solution will be hard at work this month, trying to do all that we can to improve the lives of those we come into contact with.

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