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Jan 142011

Hello Everyone, 
Education is my passion.  I started this company in February of 2010, when I began tutoring my first student.  Since that first interview in February up until today, my business has continued to grow as parents, teachers and friends have expressed their excitement and happiness for the services that we provide.  I wanted to give all of you an inside look into who we are and what we are all about, starting with myself.

I started teaching High School History full time in 2005.  As a teacher, I was consistently singled out as a leader and someone who worked hard to achieve results for students.  I was sent to numerous in-service trainings, as one of my vice-principals had said because I was “a leader.”  I coached soccer for seven years, golf for three seasons and baseball for a season.  I was the head of the Model United Nations and Snowboarding Clubs.  I even substituted at the Adult School in the district to help adults who were struggling to learn English.

As a teacher, I was a perfectionist, or at least I tried to be.  Throughout the school year I was consistently working until 9 O’Clock at night preparing lessons for the next day, designing tests, developing game plans, maybe planning for a meeting.  During the weekends, you would frequently see me catching a football game or watching a production put on by the school’s drama department.

In 2008, my world came crashing down.  My wife, who I had been with for over seven years told me that our marriage wasn’t working.  It caught me by surprise. I’m not sure, but in my mind I have attributed it to numerous things. I think mainly because during the school year I was unavailable to her.  My mind, my thoughts, everything revolved around the 165 students that came through my classroom doors every day and she thought that nothing was left over for her.

Every year students would come into my classroom, I could always tell who would be my exceptional students and who would struggle.  If I focused on helping my struggling students, those exceptional students would lose interest.  If I focused on just the exceptional students, those that were struggling would fall behind even more.  If I tried to establish a middle ground, I found that I was doing a disservice to both sides of the spectrum.  I learned that it was impossible to be an amazing teacher without making sacrifices.

One of my colleagues, whom as a teacher I looked up to the most was loved by the entire school, parents, teachers, administrators, and myself.  Everyone loved this guy and the way he taught. He worked hard too.  During the school year, he was never away from his classroom.  The janitors closed up the school at around 10 PM each night and he was there Monday through Sunday from who knows when in the morning, (I was never much of a morning person, but I never got to school before he did) until 10 O’Clock at night.  As a teacher, I looked up to him and admired him, but a teacher was all he was.  If I were to remain a teacher and teach the way that I wanted to, I could not lead the life that I had always invisioned for myself . . . raising a happy family.

In 2009, I went through what I’d like to call a journey of self-discovery.  I hopped in my 2007 Toyota Tacoma and traveled the United States for three months, hoping to find myself.  I wound up in Southern California with a clearer idea and vision of what I wanted my life to become.   After tutoring my first student, I knew that this was the career for me.

By being able to help individual students I can see the impact that I am making. It is clear and undeniable; it is entirely rewarding. I never have the feeling that I am letting people down, whether it’s my students, or friends, or family. I can focus my full efforts to helping students achieve their goals and there is absolutely no feeling greater than watching a student who is struggling succeed.

Since I began this company, we have only gotten bigger.  Through word of mouth and the positive reviews we receive we continue to expand. I love it, plus as a tutor, I feel I can be perfect without making sacrifices.  Whatever your tutoring needs are, I can assure you that I will do my best to attain educational goals that you have set and will give my full and complete effort until those goals are met.

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