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Aug 172011

Many students will jump around the SAT Test answering the questions they feel comfortable answering, and while this may be a good strategy on other parts of the test, it does not work well on the Passage-Based Section of the Test.

Each passage has a lot of information that is difficult to grasp one time through.  It is important to focus on each passage individually, and answer all questions associated with that passage before moving onto the next one.

If you can not answer all questions from a section then you should eliminate choices that you know to be incorrect.  If you can eliminate choices, then eliminate as many as you can and make an educated guess before moving on.  If you can’t eliminate any choices then don’t answer the question and move on to the next passage.

Don’t jump from passage to passage during the Passage-Based Reading of the SAT’s, it will be too difficult to jump from passage to passage.

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