The Education Revolution: Teaching and Learning Through Facebook

Through my LinkedIn profile, I came across an article discussing titled the 5 Best Practices for Educators on Facebook.  If utilized properly, Social Media can have an enormous impact on education.  Facebook gives students the ability to share information, collaborate and communicate with other individuals.  We need to be using Facebook and other similar sites to enhance the learning experience of our students.

According to the article, the top 5 tips are:

  1. Use Facebook with a Focus:  Don’t just tell students you are going to use Facebook, make sure you have an educational purpose for your Facebook use.
  2. Friend with Caution:  They recommend using a Facebook Page or Group for your students, that way students have access to the class postings in the group but do not have access to your personal information like your family and friends would.
  3. Use a Facebook Group:  Use Facebook Groups to continue class discussions, give students a low-stress way to ask questions, provide students with academic and personal support and help students connect with each other and organize study groups.
  4. Use a Facebook Page:  Since these are open to everyone, pages often become interactive resources rather than a setting for an intimate discussion.
  5. Consider Alternatives:  There are several other sites that offer choices like Facebook.  These include:  Edmodo, Collaborize Classroom, Edublogs, and Kidblog.

The potential Facebook offers to educators is limitless.  Every teacher can use the website to garner extremely effective results and when done properly can have an enormous impact on education for those fortunate students.

Facebook is a viable way to include students in an educational conversation, get them to think about their subjects more interactively and have fun in the process.

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  1. Use Facebook teams to continue category discussions, offer students a low-stress thanks to raise queries, give students with educational and private support and facilitate students connect with one another and organize study teams…

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