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Apr 122012

Any teacher, parent or educator will tell you that a student learns more effectively in a one-on-one setting than in a classroom.  The investment a parent makes in their child’s education can have a lasting impact on the success their child has well beyond their years in school.

Here are some of the reasons why one-on-one tutoring helps improve grades.

4)   The tutor is able to review the material taught in class and to repeat it until it is learned.  Even though we try to teach kids critical thinking techniques, we must admit that repetition does have certain benefits.  In this case, repetition and review allows the information taught in class to be further ingrained in the child’s brain during the tutoring session.  Once the child learns the basics the tutor can then move on to more complex topics.

5)   A one-on-one tutoring session provides a safe learning environment, where the student can feel comfortable to ask questions without fearing peers criticizing them if the questions are perceived as being “dumb questions”.  Students develop a healthy and mutually respectful relationship where the child can feel comfortable enough to ask questions and let the tutor know that he or she needs further clarification in order to understand the concepts being taught.

6)   Tutors are able to present the information through fun activities.  The tutor can create fun educational games to help present the information in a different way.  The child then learns a new appreciation for learning and realizes that learning can be fun.

There are many more reasons why one-on-one tutoring can help improve grades.  If you feel that your child could benefit from one-on-one tutoring, contact us and we will gladly help your child improve his or her grades, and help their love of learning grow.

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