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Apr 092012

Norco High School Student Wins Tutoring Scholarship

Passions stir in all direction, demanding the best of you in every circumstance. As every person is different, so their passions are unique from others. My passion for medical research formed when my sister Jayden was diagnosed with Leukemia in the year of two thousand and eight. Seeing her in unimaginable states led me to a new curiosity for how our body works and functions. As an Honors Biology student and a prospective doctor, I love hearing about the way our body functions under extremities just to keep us alive and well. I become excited when my class does hands on labs to enhance our learning of the body and demonstrate our learning.

Of course, no passion would be worth it if it wasn’t practiced using the right way. To utilize my passion to enrich our community, I aspire to become a medical doctor in the slums of India and Kenya, working with underprivileged children and adults to fully satisfy their medical needs. People with goals and dreams like mine die before it is their time because of the lack of proper sanitation and medical supplies. I would come fully educated, for my dream is to go to University of California Los Angeles for pre-medical studies, and Harvard Medical School for medical school. Like Dr. Seuss once said in The Lorax, “Unless people like you care an awful lot, its not going to get better, its not.” My heart burns with compassion for these people in the lost and unreached areas of the world, and through a proper college education, my passions can become take flight.

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