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Apr 162012

On Saturday, July 16th, 2011 and again on Monday, February 6th, 2012, we had the honor of sharing our knowledge on tutoring and motivation with the School on Wheels tutors.  We felt extremely privileged to be asked to conduct these two workshops and we cannot begin to express our gratitude.

We are great supporters of the School on Wheels organization, and we sincerely respect all that they do for homeless children.  It is because of organizations like School on Wheels, that homeless children are better able to reach their full potential and to feel that their contribution to society matters.  These volunteer tutors make these kids feel like important and valuable members of society, as they should be made to feel.

Natasha Bayus, the education and training coordinator for School on Wheels, was kind enough to share with us some of the participants’ feedback.  The overwhelming majority said that they learned how to interact and communicate with their students more effectively, and in turn, this helped them understand what tools to use in order to connect with their students and to motivate them to become more involved in their education and to value its great importance.

Many participants also felt more comfortable about contacting the student’s teachers and parents after participating in the workshop.  They realized the importance of working with the teachers and parents in order to improve the student’s grades and understanding of the material being learned.  There is nothing more important than having the students know that their success and learning matter and that there are many individuals that care about them and that are invested in their educational growth.

Nonetheless, out of all the lessons the tutors learned, the most important seemed to be to let their students’ learn from their mistakes.  Instead of being made to feel ashamed, children should learn that we all make mistakes and that that is how we learn and grow.  Most of all, students should feel positive about their learning experience.

Education is what keeps us all going.  Give us an opportunity to show you how one-on-one tutoring can benefit your child’s future.

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