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Apr 192012

Many studies show that arts education leads to academic achievement, higher test scores, improved self-esteem, increased critical thinking abilities, social and emotional development, boosted motivation, and an improved ability to express oneself and to work well with others, among many other wonderful benefits.  More importantly, arts education teaches kids to learn from mistakes and to keep going.  Even when they are presented with what appear to be insurmountable obstacles, kids learn to use their creativity to overcome these obstacles and to push forward.  All in all, it could be argued that art education is crucial in the educational and emotional development of a young child.

Studies also show that children who receive arts education are 4 times more likely to achieve academically and to participate in math and science fairs and 3 times more likely to get an award for perfect attendance and to be elected to class office in their schools.  What these statistics reveal is that arts education motivates children to be more involved in their school and their overall educational growth.

Nonetheless, although there are many known benefits to arts education, unfortunately, arts education is the first thing that is cut out when there are budget cuts.  This leaves many children (particularly those from lower income homes) to be excluded from gaining the many benefits that arts education has to offer.  Sadly, there seems to be a growing denial of the importance of art education and the need that humans have, as creative beings, to create and express ourselves.  However, it is not a lost cause.

It is our job as educators and parents, to become informed on the benefits of arts education, and to demand that schools offer more of it, in addition to making it our duty to expose our children to art on our own free time.  You can also ask your child’s school how you can help bring arts education to your child and his/her peers.  You might be able to donate some art supplies or even donate your time.  The best thing you can do for your child is to get involved in your child’s education, attend a school board and/or PTA meeting and voice your views on arts education and your child’s future.

Take it a step further, do not simply rely on your child’s school to provide them with an art education, instead, make it a family priority and take your kids to museums (many museums offer workshops for children and families) or buy art supplies from your local art store and experiment with your child (you may already have all the necessary supplies at home).  Not only will you be spending a wonderful afternoon with your child, you will also begin to see the wonderful benefits of art, on both you and your child.

If you or your child would like to share with us why art education is important to you, by expressing yourself creatively (i.e. a drawing, painting, poem, story, sculpture, etc.), feel free to e-mail us with your artistic piece.  In the email, include your name and grade level/age, and we might feature your piece in our blog.

We are a group of passionate educators, and we constantly strive to improve student’s learning experience.  If you feel your child might need extra help, please send us an e-mail or give us a call, we will be more than happy to work with you and your child to ensure his or her future success.

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