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Jan 122011

Welcome Back,
The holidays are meant to be spent with family and friends.  The need for tutoring dies down during the month of December, which gives us an opportunity to address issues and concerns as well as seek improvement.  We have been extremely busy over the last month, from remodeling our website, to creating massive amounts of content for our new blog in order to prepare for the new semester.
For most school districts, the new semester begins in January and it’s the perfect opportunity to correct issues that your child may be having in the classroom.  If you would like to see improvement in your child’s educational goals, or you think they may need extra help, contact us. 
Our website guru, Lacey Welborn, has completely renovated our website and it looks amazing.  Lacey is extremely creative and talented.  I could not be happier with the new website.  If you liked Lacey’s design or want to give her some feedback, send us an email and we will be sure that she gets the message.
Cindy De La Torre, the head of our sales department, has been working feverishly attempting to reach out to the community in a variety of different ways, including local recreation centers, school districts, and homeschooling websites.
In our last newsletter, I forshadowed the launch of The Tutoring Solution’s blog, set for January 1, 2011.  We succesfully launched the blog and have now made it our homepage, www.theCaTutoringSolution.com.  The blog provides educational tips for parents, teachers, tutors and students.  We are consistently seeking new content for our blogs, feel free to email us with suggestions for new articles.  New tips will be posted every day, so check back frequently.
Follow us on twitter, www.twitter.com/TutorSolutions.  We post the titles of our articles along with a link to that article, so you can quickly read articles that are of interest to you.  I also recommend signing up for our RSS feed, it’s a great way to get up to date information from us, the way you want it.
To give you a taste of what our blog has to offer, I have several articles listed below, click on the links to take you to those articles. 
The Easy Way to Give Your Child a Million Dollars – http://thecatutoringsolution.com/?p=60
Launch Day – http://thecatutoringsolution.com/?p=29
How to Win an Argument With Your Parents – Part 1 – http://thecatutoringsolution.com/?p=66
Give a Reason Other Than, “Because I Said So.” – http://thecatutoringsolution.com/?p=107
Our Community Outreach Program brought us back to Roosevelt High School to give a presentation to the Basketball Booster Club.  It was a pleasure to discuss our business with them, they were very warm and welcoming.  The presentation was a success.
Currently, we have students attending Alta Loma, Centennial, Chino, Fontana, Norco, Ontario Christian, Patriot and Roosevelt High Schools and Eastvale Elementary School.  They are being tutored in subjects ranging from Algebra to Pre-Calculus, Elementary reading and writing to 11th grade English, World History to United States History and Natural Science to AP Chemistry.  We also offer SAT Prep tutoring for those interested in improving SAT scores. 
“A great deal of research evidence shows that tutoring can be very effective — and a very cost effective way of raising achievement.” — Professor Keith Topping, Educational Practices – Series 5 
Writing Program:
The Tutoring Solution offers an Online Writing Program designed to improve basic writing skills for late elementary, junior high school and high school students.  But, to be honest, we have had people of all ages sign up for this unique writing program.  Information about The Tutoring Solution’s Writing Program can be found here:  http://thecatutoringsolution.com/writingprogram/writingprogram.html
Thank you,

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