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Apr 252012

The word passion comes from the Latin root pati, which means to suffer. What is worth suffering for? I am deeply passionate for justice. Justice is something my race has been fighting for many years, something we are still fighting for till this very day. I have seen unjust acts not only in racism but in all parts of our society happen before my eyes. There have been unjust acts that have happen to me. I know what it feels like to not have justice served, and I am passionate to help others get what they justice that they deserve. I plan on becoming a lawyer so that when I see unfair actions take place, I have the knowledge and power to make justice. Justice is a passion worth suffering.

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I am passionate about having justice because it is something people of my race have fought for. I am someone who takes pride in the patriotic acts done for the bettering of our country. Martin Luther King Jr. was and still is someone who I believe has done great things for America. He was one of the few that stood up and made apparent the unjustly acts that were being done to African Americans. Being aware and educated of what happened during that time period is very disturbing, yet inspiring. Knowing that a man and a few others received justice for a whole race inspires me to help obtain justice for people of America who were also wronged.

I am willing to suffer for the liability of justice because I know what it feels like to not have impartiality. When I was a bit younger, I attend a school where the upper grades felt superior to the lower grades. They use to bully us and rip our homework assignments because they felt it was “fun”. When I would tell the teacher she would side with the upper classmen because they “seemed right”. I still do not know if she did not help me because I was young, or because I of skin color. However, I do know that what they were doing was undeserved and cruel. I look back and what they did and I realized things like this are happening in more mature environment. They are happing in our society. Unjust acts like the one that happened to me is the reason why I have become so passionate about getting the fair dealing that is justified.

I plan on using my passion for justice to aid other by becoming a lawyer. Lawyers are people of the court system that conduct lawsuits for the right of people’s justice. Becoming a lawyer in my eyes, is legally being able to restore justice to those who were mistreated. As most know our country has endless acts that are unreasonable, unmerited, and unfair; having this as my career is serving those who have encountered these specific acts. I feel that this job is perfect for my passion for justice.

Being passionate about something is saying it is worth suffering for. I greatly believe justice, is worth suffering for. As seen in history, people like MLK suffered for the justice of African Americans, justice that is still being fought for. I intend on becoming a lawyer to express my passion for justice in the most legal way possible. I will do whatever it takes to bring justice, because justice is my passion worth suffering for.

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