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May 102012

As we probably have all come to realize, we do not all learn the same way and with the same techniques.  Some individuals learn by doing, others learn by simply listening, while others learn by looking.  We are all unique individuals, and as would be expected, our learning styles are unique as well.  The three most common learning styles are visual, auditory, and kinesthetic/tactile learners.  Knowing what time of learner your child is is essential in understanding how to present new information in order to ensure they will retain it more effectively.

  • Visual learners – These types of learners process information best through sight; they need to see someone else do the activity in order for them to gain a better understanding of how to do it.  Visual learners also like to be presented with images, graphs, or videos and they like to highlight information (either with a highlighter or by underlining it with a pen) and they also like to read information in order to understand the information that is being presented.  These types of learners learn best when presented with images – they are typically unable to learn by simply hearing information.
  • Auditory learners – These individuals learn best when they hear or speak information.  They gain the most benefit when they discuss certain information with others, or when they hear a lecture – they don’t retain information as easily if they just see it written on a piece of paper.  Auditory learners also understand the information presented in a book best when they read that information aloud or when it is read out loud to them.
  • Kinesthetic/tactile leaners – These learners are the type of individuals that are very hands on.  They need to try something out for themselves in order to understand the information.  These individuals are usually harder to teach, because they feel a constant need to be moving around and exploring their surroundings, and most lectures are not taught in a tactile way – most lectures are geared towards the auditory and visual learners.

Understanding what kind of learner your child is might be the trick to helping them understand the classroom information, that they are having a hard time with, more effectively.  Although most children are able to learn in more than just one way, it is important to understand which way is the most effective in order to tackle those harder topics and to present information in a way that will be the most effective for your child.

We are passionate educators and we work hard to ensure that the students we tutor gain a love of education and learning.  Give us a call and let us help your child become an avid learner for life.

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