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Jan 132011

“Duolog reading has been demonstrated to be effective with thousands of children in hundreds of schools in many countries.” – Keith Topping

Duolog reading has been proven to work for thousands of students and according to many studies it has proven time and again that it is one of the most effective ways to improve a child’s reading ability.

Here’s How it Works:

  • Choose Appropriate Material – The reading material should always be slightly above the student’s independent reading ability.
  • Read Together – Read the words aloud together with the student.  As a tutor, adapt your reading to that of your student.  The student must read every word.
  • Correct Errors – When the student reads a word wrong, tell the student the correct way to say the word.  The student should then repeat the word correctly and move on.  Always correct errors in this manner.
  • Pause – Give the student four seconds to self-correct mistakes, if no self-correction occurs then correct the error.
  • Establish a Read Alone Signal – Agree on a way for the student to signal when he/she can read passages alone.  The signal could be a knock or a hand gesture.  The tutor should stop reading when the signal  is given and allow the student to read aloud.
  • Return to Reading Together – When the student does make an error when reading alone that they do not self-correct return to reading together.
  • Alternate – Alternate often between reading alone and reading together.
  • Praise – Compliment your student when they get through hard words, when doing well at reading alone, for self-correcting, for getting all the words in the sentence right.  Look and act pleased.
  • Review – Talk about the passage you have read.  Why is it interesting?  What are the definitions of difficult words?  What were the main ideas?

This is just one of the many tools that tutors of The Tutoring Solution are prepared to use if requested to by parents.  Our motto is “Tutoring for your needs.”  If you believe that this is the best way to assist your child in improving his/her reading ability, don’t hesitate to ask your tutor to use it.

*All information about the Duolog writing process comes from Tutoring.  Educational Practices Series — 5 by Keith Topping

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