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May 212012

As children grow older, there are many new challenges that they face.  Children begin to realize the importance of fitting in and being accepted, and that is when a lot of issues begin to arise.  Although childhood can be a happy time for most people, many children go through their childhood not feeling good about themselves, they believe they are not good enough, which leads to low self-esteem.  Children feel pressure to perform well in school, while still appearing cool and not looking like “nerds”.  They also feel pressured to look good, wear all the trendy clothes, and overall, be physically appealing to their peers.  Children are constantly worried about their actions and how their peers may perceive them.   Therefore, because of all these stressors, it is important to help your children improve their self-esteem and grow to feel happy about what wonderful unique individuals they are. We have provided some basic ideas on how to improve your children’s self-esteem; this is the first of many more blog entries to come.

  1. Build a healthy relationship with your children by learning to really listen to them without placing any judgment.  You might not always agree with everything your children are doing in their lives, but it is important for you to acknowledge what they have to say and what they find value in.  Let them know that their opinions matter and that they are worthy of being listened to.  An added bonus to really listening to your child is that you will be more apt to notice if there is something wrong, and know when your child needs your help.  By listening to your children, you are teaching them not to shy away from speaking their minds and, more importantly, to know that their opinions and ideas are valuable contributions to society.

We are so adamant about improving your children’s self-esteem because we see the value in it; people who have high self-esteem are more likely to perform well in school, to speak up and ask questions, to participate, to ask for help when they need it, and they are more likely to set higher goals for themselves and pursue their passions.  Self-esteem is essential to leading a happier healthier life, and who doesn’t want their kids to be happier and healthier.

If your child needs additional help with school, give us a call or send us an email, we offer tutoring all over Southern California and we are more than happy to help your child realize her or his dreams.

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