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May 242012

We recently started writing tips on how to improve your children’s self esteem in order to help them lead a happier and more fulfilling life.  In the first part, we discussed the importance of really listening to your children and how valuable that can be to improving their self-esteem.  Here is our second tip.

2.  Teach your children the importance of their culture and their history.  Children often become curious about their family’s background and they begin to ask many questions – it’s important, as parents, to let them know more about where they came from, who their ancestors were, and what makes them unique and special while still being part of a larger group and culture.  Be sure to emphasize the importance of respecting other people’s differences and acknowledging the good in everyone.  If you teach your children that being different and unique make them special, they are more likely to help out victims of bullying as well as to not to allow other’s to put them down, because they understand their own self-worth.  Learning about our ancestors and our culture is an integral part of growing up and gaining pride in where we come from, in order to have a brighter more well-rounded future.

Do you feel that knowing about your ancestors and feeling pride in your culture has improved your self-esteem?

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