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May 292012

Self-esteem is vital to leading a fulfilling life and to feeling worthy of being happy.  Unfortunately, many young kids struggle with low self-esteem, which greatly affects their performance in and out of school.  We decided to blog about a few ways that we think parents can help improve their children’s self-esteem.  To check out tip #1 and tip #2, click on the links.

3.    Although we aren’t all good at showing physical affection or declaring our feelings for others, it is important that we show our little ones how much we love them by giving them hugs and kisses and, in essence, reminding them that we love them on a daily basis.  Children need to feel that they are worthy of love and that they are in fact lovable.  Everyone likes to feel like their existence matters and that they would be missed or that their absence would be noticed if they were to become absent.  Therefore, it is important to let your children and loved ones know how much they matter to you by giving them a simple kiss, a hug, or an “I love you”.  Let your children know that they are special, that they are needed, and that they are loved.

Do you agree that children need to be reminded that they are loved by their parents in order to feel self-confident?

To improve your child’s grades, send us an email or give us a call, and one of our many qualified tutors will help your child gain a better understanding of their classroom assignments.  We tutor students all over Southern California in all subjects.

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