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Jun 052012

For the past few weeks we have been writing blogs that are focused on the benefits of having a high self-esteem, specifically how you can help your children improve their self-esteem.  We strongly believe that people who are secure in themselves and their abilities, are more likely to succeed and to lead fulfilling and happy lives.  To read our previous blog posts click on the links, tip 1, tip 2, and tip 3.  Here is tip number 4.

4)  Encourage and support your children into following their passions and joining a group that interests them.  Make sure that your children participate in activities they love, like sports, the fine arts, music, dance, theater, chess, school clubs, etc.  Children who belong to a group of peers that share their interests, are more likely to feel like they belong and feel connected to others.

If your children feel like their interests are valued, they are more likely to pursue their passions in the future and to choose careers that genuinely make them happy and successful individuals.  An added bonus is that these activities function as stress reducers and they allow your children to deal with stressful situations in a much healthier way.  There is nothing better than doing something you love just for fun and having friends share in the fun with you.

Tell us what you think.  Did extracurricular and creative activities help improve your self-esteem?

If you know someone who could use additional help with school work, be sure to give us a call or send us an email, we are more than happy to help.  We provide one-on-one in home tutoring all over Southern California

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