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Jun 112012

Dear Parents, Students, Counselors, Teachers & Friends,

In February 2010, I interviewed for my first tutoring assignment in Norco, CA.  I met the mother who wanted to explain her son’s situation.  Nick had failed every single one of his classes during his Freshman year of High School and the first semester of his Sophomore year.  Many of his High School teachers and people familiar with Nick told her that he would not graduate from High School.  The mother was deeply concerned and wanted help to get her son back on track.  As soon as I began working with Nick, I knew I would be making a difference in his life and those around him.  I felt fulfilled.  As a result, I wanted to help more students like Nick and so I started The Tutoring Solution.

Today, The Tutoring Solution has been able to help more than 100 students perform better in school and is continuing to make a positive impact in our community. This year alone we have helped booster clubs raise money for High School sports programs, provided close to a thousand dollars in scholarships and volunteered our time to School on Wheels and the Chino Valley GATE Together.

Our goal has always been to build self-motivated life-long learners and to give students the necessary skills to perform well in school. By inspiring students to enjoy learning, we are helping to build the tools that will help them become more successful later in life.

While trying to figure out ways to reach new students, I learned valuable marketing tools and began interacting with successful business owners. These small business owners were very passionate about the services they provide for the community and asked me to help them grow their business and expand their influence. This has presented me with an exciting opportunity to inspire passion and to help people make their dreams a reality.

In order to help small business owners reach their goals, I started Welborn Social Media and have decided to pass control of The Tutoring Solution into the more than competent hands of Cynthia De La Torre.

Cynthia De La Torre

Cynthia has been with us from the very beginning tutoring many of our students and achieving amazing results. She shares my passion for learning and will be working hard to improve our services to benefit more students in our community.

Cynthia is excited to get to know and work with all of you. And we are both very excited about the future of The Tutoring Solution.

Two weeks ago I opened my mail box and received the following graduation announcement . . . inside it read:  “We, the Class of 2012 Norco High School would like to announce that we will be gathering one last time to receive recognition for our graduation.  Commencement Exercises begin at seven o’clock p.m. Wednesday, May 30th Gary Campbell Stadium at Norco High School.”

Nick graduated High School on May 30th, 2012.

Through our tutoring services Nick has become self-motivated and committed to performing well in the classroom.  Once a “lost cause,” Nick now has dreams of attending college.  But Nick is just one of the hundred or so students we have been fortunate enough to work with.  It is with the greatest sense of pride and honor that I am placing Cynthia De La Torre in charge of The Tutoring Solution.  Through personal tutoring, I have been able to impact the lives of dozens of students . . . through The Tutoring Solution, we hope to impact the lives of thousands.  Thank you to all of you who have become associated with our business over the past two years and thank you for becoming a part of our efforts to build a stronger, healthier, and more passionate community.

From the bottom of my heart . . . Thank you!

Zeb Welborn

Zeb Welborn

  2 Responses to “A Fond Farewell from Zeb Welborn”

  1. Zeb,
    What a great story! It’s always the most rewarding to make an impact with an individual and I’m looking forward to hearing about the next chapter you have in store for us with Welborn Social Media!

  2. Hey Zeb I love ‘feel good’ stories!! Awsome and well done …. really inspiring! Love it!! What link do you have to tell us more about what you do?

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