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Jul 212012

Stephenie Perera from Eastvale, CA gets tutored by The Tutoring Solution in Algebra

Stephenie Perera attends Roosevelt High School in Eastvale, CA.  Stephenie began receiving tutoring from The Tutoring Solution last year.  She was struggling in her Algebra class and needed help bringing up her grade.  When we started working with her Stephenie said she “hated” math . . .  This year, Stephenie received an A in her Algebra class.

Because of our success in Algebra during the regular school year, Stephenie’s mom, Sriyani has asked me to work with her to improve her grades in her other classes.  As a result, I will be implementing a new learning strategy which I’m calling Blog-Based Learning.  The goal of blog-based learning is to make learning fun and encourage students to mold, enhance and develop their own learning through the use of a blog.

Stephenie’s parents were thrilled she received an A in her Algebra class and are excited about the new learning program we have designed specifically for Stephenie . . . Check back frequently for updates on Stephenie’s progress throughout the Summer and next school year.

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