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Jun 252012

My personal passion and dream of pursuing is acting. Whether onstage or in front of a video camera, expressing yourself through being a totally different person enthralls and excites me more than any other pastime. Having a history of theatrical arts from a young age to now, the middle of my high school career, and slight film experience leaves me yearning and hungry for more. More auditions, more rehearsals, more bright lights, more challenges. I have a passion for acting because it takes personal expression to a whole new level with a different personality, and I believe I could use it to help others by entertaining and bringing joy to their lives, teaching them, and maybe even inspiring them.

Most, if not all, of the global population is common with acting and encounter those who are passionate for it almost daily. Whether it be in movies, on television, or on-stage, acting is one of the most common forms of entertainment in modern day society. We gossip about the famous actors and actresses in the new and popular movies, and there are even careers in which you comment and critique on every aspect of a movie or stage production. Acting in any form has taken over our world, changing the way we perceive history, current events, and even our own imaginations.

My interest in acting began as a young girl. Instead of wanting to be a princess or fairy like all my other friends, I had dreams of immeasurable talent I hoped to one day achieve and be recognized for. My potential future professions ranged from being a ballerina, to a pop singer, and finally settling on acting. Although I am still far from that bountiful amount of talent I hoped of as a child, I have grown exceedingly as an actress through my experience in theatre from my elementary school years, proudly and gratefully playing a few lead roles in Jr. High productions, and getting involved in a more advanced high school theatre.

My passion for acting was born when I realized that through these scripted words, body language, and stage presence, I could create a whole new person. I could become someone totally different from myself, while still pouring my personal emotion into it. My favorite roles have always been the harsh, aggressive, and evil roles, because they are the exact opposite of my personality and form the delightful challenge of how to recreate the character I’m trying to become. The best piece of advice I’d ever heard throughout the many directors and cast mates I’ve had has been that you can’t just play the character; you have to be the character in every way. You have to face the struggles in the production as the character would and rejoice as the character would. When the curtain rises that opening night, you gain a new identity.

I believe that my passion for acting could help others in many ways by not only entertaining, but teaching and informing, and maybe in the future, inspiring. As stated before, acting is one of the most popular forms of entertainment. From Shakespearean times to modern day movies, people of all ethnicities, ages, and eras have been fascinated by the art form. However, most don’t realize that there are certain techniques to acting. For example, for stage productions especially, it is absolutely necessary to learn how to correctly project your voice and improve your diction. This aspect of acting also ties in to public speaking, and enforces this much needed skill. Theatre also ties in the many areas of lighting, sound, set creating, singing and dancing, which most skilled actors are educated in. Although I still have much to learn, and am always eager to, I would love to teach acting techniques in the future. Lastly, I believe that acting, above all, can inspire. Have you ever watched a particularly inspiring movie, and walked out counting your blessings and just yearning to help others? Extremely talented actors who master the skill totally are so convincing and inspiring through a totally different persona. One day, God willing, I hope to inspire others as so many others have inspired me.

All in all, I personally believe acting is the most unique and creative way of self-expression, and that it plays a large role in society. Acting fascinates me from every perspective, and I believe that it always will. I know that even if in my future I don’t attain a career in acting, it will always be a part of my life in some way. Acting is my one true passion.


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