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Jun 282012

Roosevelt High School Student Wins Tutoring Scholarship

If I were to walk into a room filled with people who do not speak English, I would be able to communicate with 18% percent of them. That room is the world and that 18% is 1.2 billion people. Our world has an abundance of culture that has yet to be discovered by the ears of other cultures. Every day, I study foreign languages from around the world and have learned that everyone has a voice and that everyone’s voice should be heard and understood.

Over the past few years, I have indulged in the studies of the Korean, Spanish, Chinese, and Japanese languages, in addition to the improvement of my native English tongue.  A large fraction of my time is spent outside of my domestic comfort zone, experiencing the unique customs of various cultures. My aim is to unite people with reverent recognition of each person’s individuality and cultural heritage. At the same time, I consider it a necessity for separate cultures to come together and interact without the hindrance of a language barrier; therefore, I intend to eliminate language barriers for the progression of cultural interaction and comprehension through efficient communication.

Two years ago I began attending a Korean Christian Church. Being an African-American male, I had never imagined myself in such a place. I joined in order to improve my skills with the Korean language and learn, through first-hand experience, about Korean culture. It was difficult to understand the language, let alone fit in with people who were so different from me; hence, I felt out of place. However, with time and determination, I overcame the difficulty and realized my reason for being there. I was put in that place to discover my love for other cultures and my appreciation for differences. Through this revelation, I can see the road ahead of me, a road leading to teaching about unfamiliar cultures, a road leading to assisting others in learning languages, a road leading to efficient communication between people from different backgrounds.

After countless hours devoted to studying, I finally became comfortable with the Korean language; I offered to teach Level 1 Korean School at my church. I may only be helping a few students at a time, but my teaching brings the world one step closer to tearing down its language barrier. I am proud of what I chose to do, but I am more proud of my students who will be able to communicate more efficiently with others in the future. Cumulatively, my aims to unite this world reveal my characteristics of impartiality, ambition, and fortitude. With the information I have retained from independent and classroom studies in English, Spanish, Korean, and Chinese, my goal is to create a path for future generations to broaden their knowledge of, and develop interest in, other cultures.

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