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Jan 172011

As a now-graduating senior, (who, admittedly, would not be graduating at all had he not been properly educated in the material Mr. Welborn instructed us in) I can say with confidence that I owe my success to many teachers who’ve helped me realize my potential and how to achieve my goals, and Mr. Welborn is one such teacher whom, without his guidance, I would not be preparing to go to college like I am today.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you, Mr. Welborn. I hope you can pass on the gift of knowledge to many other students who may have similar difficulties that I had, and I wish you the best in all that you may endeavor.

Mr. Welborn has been a great inspiration to me ever since the first day of class. Often I keep in touch with him as I embark on my own journey to become an educator. His insight and wealth of knowledge is what makes him not only a great teacher but a great mentor as well.

It is my opinion that any student would benefit from being tutored by Mr. Welborn directly or by his very talented associates.

The way he taught you could tell he knew what he was talking about and he wanted everybody to understand what he was teaching.

I definitely believe that Mr. Welborn is someone who is fully capable of bringing anyone of any age up to their full potential academically.

He really has a knack for teaching and would be a great asset to anyone who needs a little help to supplement their education.

Thank you Mr. Welborn for making history enjoyable and preparing me so well for a higher education.

— Kyle Smith (former student at Don Lugo High School in Chino)

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