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Jan 232011

Hello Everyone,

My name is Lacey Welborn (Chino Hills), I am the Creative Engineer and Web Designer for The Tutoring Solution. I created the logo, the website, t-shirts and flyer designs, and have been instrumental in the development of the philosophy and goals of The Tutoring Solution.

One of my most favorite things in the world is being creative. I like getting an idea and then creating something from that idea. It almost always leads to more ideas, that means more creating and more ideas until the thing I’m working on turns into something that I really love. When I was little I wanted to grow up to be an artist. I even had an art sale once, where I set up my drawings on a little table outside like a lemonade stand and sold them for 50 cents a piece.

While growing up, I lost my desire to be an artist, but I’ve always wanted to have a career that involved creativity. In college, I finished all my general education classes and was unsure what I wanted to major in. I talked to an adviser who suggested Communications, because as she put it, “You can do anything with a communications degree.” Now that may have been true when the economy was rockin’ but now it seems to me, you can’t do a single thing with just a communications degree. Luckily, I also majored in Radio-TV-Film, which was neat and super creative. In school, I wrote scripts, drew storyboards, mixed audio, shot film, edited shorts and created digital effects. After graduation I got a great opportunity to be one of two video editors for a local morning news show, Day Break OC on KDOC.

I worked extremely hard. The show lasted around 13 months. When it ended I was able to look back on that job and although I was proud of the work did, I missed out on too much. I was working way too many hours and it didn’t help that I was working night shifts and was entirely nocturnal. I missed my friends that year. I missed my life.

Since then I’ve been on a journey trying to figure out what I want to do with the rest of my life. I keep finding more things that I’m interested in, including photography, graphic design and web design, all of which I get to do here at The Tutoring Solution. I really enjoy working for a nice small company where I get to use all my skills and be creative. It’s also very cool watching my brother, Zeb get all this up and running. It really is very impressive. I hope I can follow in his footsteps and turn what I love doing most into a career.

For more information about me, feel free to check outWelbornSocialMedia.com.

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