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Aug 272012

Julia Schemmer – Winner of $100 Norco High School Share Your Passion Scholarship

BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! The alarm clock rings at an unrighteous hour, signaling an end to the wonderful summer. Commercials play tirelessly, convincing you to buy their low school supply deals. As you enter this school year, it can be intimating to you. Whether you’re a freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior, back to school nerves can arise. But have no fear! The How to Survive High School guide will guide you through all insecurities, fears, worries, and more!

Let me introduce myself first: my name is Julia Schemmer. I am a sophomore at Norco High School, and I have very high aspirations. My freshman year of high school I was blessed to win four scholarships and acceptance into the University of Southern California’s summer residential program. Recently, one of my classic Shakespearean sonnets that I wrote has been selected to be in a book titled Talented. I aspire to be a missionary doctor, helping less fortunate people with their basic medical needs in poverty-stricken areas.

Success is relative, and other people’s views of success differ. However, my school has three elements needed to be successful: Resourceful, Responsible, and Ready to Achieve. In this guide, we will further discuss these and how to attain them for your maximum enjoyment of high school and the world beyond.

The first element of the “key to success” is being resourceful. The reason why I achieved a lot of scholarships was because of the Career Center at my high school. High schools and libraries offer a lot of helpful resources that if used, could bring you a lot of success. If you’re falling behind in classes, an important resource is tutoring. Do everything that you can to improve your grades, and you’ll see yourself understanding and enjoying the material more and more. By using your local resources, success will come.

The second element of the “key to success” is being responsible. This includes doing your homework on time, studying for tests and quizzes, and adhering to the school rules. Doing homework on time projects a good image to your teacher and administration. You want to look the best you can for teachers because they are the ones who will recommend you for different scholarships and activities. Studying for tests and quizzes are essential to getting a good grade in the course. It doesn’t have to be a two hour session of studying. Setting aside twenty minutes a day can make a huge difference in your grade. When I was struggling with Geometry last year, studying made a big difference and I ended up with a C+ in the class. Adhering to the school rules is a huge responsibility. No matter how tedious they might seem school rules are established for a reason: to give you the best learning experience for you and the teacher. Even if it’s not chewing gum, following the dress code or showing up to class on time; they make you a better student. If you break the rules at a college or university, they throw you out.  If you are seriously college bound, it would be wise to focus on obeying the rules now, so you are prepared for college and ready to succeed.

The last element of the “key to success” is being ready to achieve. Even though it seems straight forward, it is very important to success. You don’t go as the lead of a musical ready to give only 25%. You wouldn’t go into a football game saying “Let’s beat them! But if not, lose with style.” No, you enter these situations with a wholehearted passionate decision to give it all. You use the best of your efforts to bring forward success and to make yourself proud. Same with school success. In being studious, it is essential that you give your all. It will take dedication to study for that Physics test instead of chatting on Facebook. It will take discipline to go to tutoring sessions and get that help. But I promise you it is worth it. Nothing worth having will be easy; and nothing easy will be worth having. Giving your all as a student will give you success. Stay focused, stay yourself, and stay studious.

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