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Jan 012011

The following is an excerpt from a brief survey sent to the Norco High School Geometry teacher of one of our students.  Here is what this teacher had to say about the improvement she has seen in Nick, thanks to the tutors at The Tutoring Solution.

How well did Nick perform prior to tutoring?

Nick was completely lost at school before tutoring. He was completely unorganized and unmotivated. It was as though he had missed years of school and was thrown into the 9th grade.

How have his habits/behavior/grades improved?

Nick is now organized. He carries a binder in a backpack and has a planner. He takes notes in class and asks questions.

Can you give specific results about how he has improved?

He now does his work. He now takes notes in class. If he is absent, he asks that the notes be e-mailed to him. He asks for assignments that he has missed or may have forgotten to turn in. He is interested in what his grade is in the class. His effort has gone from zero percent to at least 60 percent. He just needs to focus on knowledge and retention.

Would you recommend us to others?

I have seen a huge improvement in Nick; obviously it worked for him.

– Jamie Ricaud-Molter

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