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May 212013
Eleanor Roosevelt High School Student Wins Tutoring Scholarship

Eleanor Roosevelt High School Student Wins Tutoring Scholarship

It was year 2005, my mother is off to work, and my siblings are not available to help their little brother serve himself dinner because they are never home.  I had to light a match by myself to cook my own dinner because my father decided to sleep early.  It was just an egg.  But that one little piece of chalky shell awakened my innocence in what lies behind the curtain of reality and helped me to conceive and accept my role as a human being.

In a very young age, I learned to be independent at all times, since my parents are not always around, and when they do, all they concern about is how they are going to open their eyes every morning.  I became more mature than those children of my age.  I triggered my brain into thinking that I should not rely to other people, but myself.  One night, I mentioned to my mother that I want to be a professional chef, so I can get a job in the White House and cook cultural dishes that the President of the United States will never forget.  She replied, “Cooking does not do any much help in the society, Kevin”.  I ignore her pessimism because I know in my heart that cooking is the greatest gift I have, and it is the only thing that exist in my life that I am free to do so.

Cooking can be tedious.  You have to learn certain things and follow specific directions in order to achieve the great pleasure of real food.  And most of the time, we forget and shambles the intended flavor into a grotesque dish.  Also, cooking anticipates strong criticism by the crowd, and even though, certain things are incorrigible, cooking is the only manageable thing in my life.  I know how idiosyncratic I sound but these are basic reasons why I’m passionate about cooking.

In my own point of view, I can use my ability to help others by satisfying their hunger.  At first, I can get a job in a restaurant, get job experience, and earn enough money so I can start my own business.  I can provide all the needs of my family through services.  Secondly, I will make sure that I am stable in my business, so I can start opening different branches all over the country.  Then, I will volunteer to offer service to minorities.  In the end, I am going to donate to community schools with Culinary Programs, so I can help those individuals who have the same dream as I do, to be a professional chef.

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