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Jun 212013
Roosevelt High School Student Wins Tutoring Scholarship

Roosevelt High School Student Wins Tutoring Scholarship

Numerous bullets ring through the air like deadly fireworks across the dark sky.  Two figures scramble behind cars as chaos once again fills the streets.  While my mother and her friend were caught in the middle of a gang shooting, I was ready to be born.  My mom’s friend did not know what to do as my mother muttered to her, “Just run.”  They were able to escape unharmed and, because of this, I was given the opportunity to tell you about my passion. I am passionate about running.  I have been running for as long as I can remember.  Where I grew up, running served as a means of staying away from trouble.  I fell excitement and adrenaline pumping through my body with every step I take.  My parents both ran track and field, so I was destined to be a runner. I have a passion for running, because it relieves my stress, and it saved my life.  Dating back to my elementary school year, I was encouraged to join my school’s track team as my teachers and peers observed a talent in my running ability.  Joining my elementary school’s track team enhanced my love of running.  I saw my teammates every day at practice.  It was as if I had a second family.  I pushed them to their limits; they pushed me to mine.  I felt at home.  I attended rigorous practices under the difficult condition that I had to walk several miles to get home.  Due to the fact that my parents were at work while I was at practice, they could not pick me up from school.  Although I was an elementary school child and it would have been easy to give up track for the comfort of a ride home, I assured myself that sacrifices were necessary for what I loved doing.  After all, I had already developed a special relationship with my competitive muse. Running is my passion, so I did anything to continue running on the track team. Running became more than an exciting activity for me; it became a reliever of stress.  On any occasion that I was encountered with a stressful situation, I merely ran to alleviate the weight on my shoulders. I was never the greatest runner, but I put the greatest effort into my craft.  I made the sacrifices to run on my elementary school track team, a team that I would soon be disconnected from when I progressed to junior high school.  My memories with that team will forever be cherished.  This period in my life represented a significant epiphany for me.  I realized that, if I could put into my schoolwork half the effort that I did into my running, I could excel in my academic endeavors.  As I grew up, I lived my life with the mentality I developed as a youth, enjoying a simple activity that game me life.  Because I have developed a strong relationship with running, I intend to share its impact on me to others.  I strive to be a lifelong runner regardless of whether or not I run for a track team.  With this mindset, I aim to convey to my family, friends, and peers of the impact of running on one’s health.  I have already convinced my uncle to start running in the past because he has high cholesterol, and after a couple of months his doctor has observed improvement in his cholesterol.  Running will always be an activity that changed my life.  I would not be the same without it, and it would not be the same without me.  Running did not just give me life, it has helped me shape and mold my dreams into a very tangible reality.